Easy Hide IP: Your Key To Anonymity On Web

No doubt, Internet is the greatest achievement of mankind in 21st century. Cerebrum aka Brain is what makes all the difference between homo sapiens and other animals on the Planet Blue. Our ability to communicate with each-other is a great advantage which turned human imagination in relatiy. And, Internet has made communication more effective , easy and hassle free. It is a great medium for Journalist, Activist, Social Worker, Hacktivist and Whistle Blowers to spread out their voice and expose the truth. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog, Instagram are the platform where people can share their ideas. Internet was the root cause behind the Arab Spring movement right back in 2011. Such is the potency of Internet. But, with such great facilities there lies a great risk of Data Theft, Data Breach, Identity Theft and Tracking. Leave the hackers and spammers, let alone government companies are spying on us. So, the Anonymity or better say it Privacy is a big concern today. Easy Hide IP is the hassle-free solution to all issues related to anonymity, privacy as well as unblocking.

Introduction To Easy Hide IP

Easy Hide IP is a product aiming to provide complete anonymity to users. It works on Windows, Android, Mac and iOS operating system. Like the name suggests, it is a easily configurable software which provides you 100% anonymity with a single mouse click. Easy Hide IP is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with very slick user-interface aiming to provide security to a complete novice as well as professionals.

Key features of Easy Hide IP

Easy Hide IP has some of the best features which we expect from such VPN software. Here comes all the features of Easy Hide IP which makes it the best product of niche.

1. 60+ Servers located in 16+ countries

With a total of 60+ server located in 16 countries, you have more than enough choices to select with. These high-speed servers providing a handsome speed of upto 10 mbps are located in various countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America, United Kingdom, Brazil, Luxembourg, Japan, Russia, India and France. So, select any preferred server of your choice to hide your IP and change the location.

2. Multiple Device Support

Easy Hide IP supports multiple device and platform including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even Wi-fi routers too. So, one can use this VPN on all devices easily to stay anonymous.

3. Unblocking Major TV Shows

There are certain Television Shows which are available online for a particluar geographical area only. But, with Easy Hide IP software, one can easily unblock Netflix, Hulu, NBC, HBO and enjoy programs.

4. Pricing Plans

Easy Hide IP provides you various pricing plans. It depends upon you to select one which suits your budget. Following are the various plans of Easy Hide Ip software-

(a)Price- $4.95
    Validity- 1 month

(b)Price- $29.95
    Validity- 1 year

(c)Price- $49.95
    Validity- 2year

How To Use Easy Hide IP?

It is very easy to use Easy Hide IP. Even then here is a guide to install and configure Easy Hide IP in windows operating system.

Step 1

At the very outset, download the Easy Hide IP software from their official website. Once downloaded, install the software in your computer. Install process is similar to other software installation. So, there is nothing to worry at all.

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Step 2

During the installation process, Easy Hide IP installer will download Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Visual C++. These software are of 60 mb in total. So, if you have a poor internet connection then I suggest you to download these software before the installation of Easy Hide IP. Since, in Easy Hide IP installer there is no pause button to stop download. So, in case of connection problem you will have to start downloading from scratch which is very tedious job. This is the only front where the developer needs to work on. I suggest software developer to provide a pause button and make some arrangement in case of downloading failure so that we don't have to start downloading from the beginning. After downloading above mentioned software(s), install them in your system.

Step 3

Once installed, open the interface of Easy Hide IP VPN. It will show your current IP Address and location. You need to change your IP Address. To do so, select any country and server of your choice and click on Connect button.

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Step 4

Although, all the web browsers are set to work with Easy Hide IP by default. But, you can also add other application of your choice to connect via Easy Hide IP. To do so, click on About & Settings located at upper side. Now, go to Applications (Classic Only) and click on Add button. It will open the list of all .exe file present in your system. Browse through the list, find the application and connect it to Internet through Easy Hide IP. As easy as that!!!

Step 5

After clicking on Connect button, Easy Hide IP will start to establish a secure connection. A few seconds later, it will show you Refreshing current IP/ Location. After that, you will be connected directly to a secured server.

Step 6

Although, you are now connected with Easy Hide IP VPN still there are a few more features which you need to check. Like, It shows the connection speed in lower side. You can try various server and find out which one provides you best speed using this feature.

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Step 7

There is yet another feature called Session Log which records every activity of the session. With it, you can track a record of all activities performed by Easy Hide IP software.

Step 8

Now, open What Is My IP from your web browser. It will be unable to detect your actual location as you can see in my screenshot.
So, with this easy-to-use tool, you are all set to go anonymous.

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Latest Funny #AchhaKiya Image Trolls Collection

Obviously, Online Shopping is the next big thing in India. Today Online Shopping is in trend and the market is rapidly growing. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Infibeam, Shopclues, Ebay, Myntra, Book My Offer are a few shopping sites having large share of Indian Online Shopping bazar. But, the competition in the market is breakneck and every online shopping company wants to defeat it's counterpart. And, the ultimate winner of this cat-mouse chasing game is we- the customers. To attract more and more customers, these shopping sites are providing attractive offers which tempt the users easily. But, apart of it , these companies sometimes do amazing things which make us simply LOL!!! Recent example is #Achha Kiya war among various shopping site.


Actually, this #Achha Kiya Nahi Kharida and #Ab Har Wish Hogi Poori campaign was originally launched by Flipkart. But, this is great Indian Shopping Market. With too much things on stake and too much risk to loose a potential customer base, e-commerce companies are leaving no stone unturned to get ahead in competition. So, as soon as Flipkart launched it's campaign, another competitor Snapdeal trolled it with creative advertising campaign. Snapdeal answered filpkart by using "Achha Kiya bata diya. #YahanSeKharido". This was the genesis of an epic war. OLX (biggest online platform to sell and purchase second-hand product) entered into the war with "Khareedne se Pehle Purana Becha Kya? #Bechde". How could you expect Amazon not to enter into the battle. So, here amazon goes with the slogan- "Kahi Nahi Mila? #YahaDekhLo".
Meanwhile, Venuepick- a startup providing services related to party, function, marriage arrangement also indulged in it with "Dekh liya? Khareed liya? Bech Liya? Party kab kiya..? #VenuePickKaro".
Well, actually this was not the end of it. It was the beginning of a new series of such images. Here, I have listed out a few funny images which falls in the same category.

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5 Weird Questions Faced By Every Indian Hacker


Being a hacker is not a easy task at all. It takes a lot of time, dedication, knowledge and practice to be a good hacker. Many of us spend sleepless night(s) searching on web, testing for vulnerabilities, finding bug in various sites, writing our own exploit and defacing the site. It all seems very cool from outside perspective. But in India the story is altogether different. If you are a hacker belonging to India and people (including friends, relative, facebook friend) know that you are a hacker then you have certainly faced these situations. Although, if you are not from India then this post will help you realize how much we hackers suffer in India!!! And, believe me being a hacker in India is not that easy at all. So, here comes 5 Awkward situation faced by Indian hacker.

1. Bro, You are a hacker. Cool!!! So, can you hack a bank account and provide me some money?

Yes, I am a hacker. And, I know phishing, social engineering, carding, DNS Hijacking etc. I know how to hack a payment gateway. So, I can hack a bank account. But, look I am not Salman Khan (Famous Indian Actor). I don't run charity show. So, I am not going to waste my time, skill and resources to donate a handsome amount to you for the sake of charity. Don't expect me to act like Bill Gates.

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PS- Saale, Baap ka naukar hu kya jo tumhare liye bank account hack karu??? Dharamshala khol rakha hai kya humne??? Chale aate hai!!!

2. Hey Buddy, you are really cool. Why don't you hack and intrude into Chinese Space Shuttle program?? Maybe, we can get control of a few satellite too.

Well, being a good hacker doesn't mean that I can turn impossible into possible. Hacking is an art having its own scope as well as limitations too. And, it is beyond my scope to intrude into Chinese Spaceship program. Those small-height, big nose guys have damn tight security standards and with the presence of The Great Firewall of China, it is really very difficult. And for God's sake, if I get caught while doing this then certainly I shall be the reason behind next Indo-China war.

PS- Beta, China ka security system toh Voltas ka lock hai ki master key se jub mun ho toh access kar lenge. Aur wo Xi Jinping toh humara uncle hai ha jo hume chai pila ke shabasi dega.

3. Sir, my Girlfriend had cheated me. Now, I want to take revenge of it. So, plz can you hack her facebook account?

There are certain methods to hack a facebook account. Tabnapping, Phishing, Cookie Stealing are a few of them. But, if I want to hack the facebook account of unknown person (that too of a girl) then I must have to use Social Engineering. And, if your girlfriend cheated you then how she could trust me- a unknown person to her? So, chances to perform a successful Social Engineering attack is quite low and without that Phishing or Tabnapping is of no use. She is never gonna try my phishing link.

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PS- Betic**d, agar teri girlfriend ne tughe dhokha diya toh ye toh humare liye mauka hai. Mai kyu uska account hack karu??? (Boys will be boys!!!)

4. Hey, Can you hack that DJ and change song for me?

This is a new kinda shit getting popular after the release of "Happy New Year" movie. I am not gonna pardon Farah Khan, Story writer & Vivan Shah for this. Few months ago when I was in Chandigarh, a guy from Madhya Pradesh asked me the same shit. And my instant reaction was -"hahahahahahahaha. lol. go get some life dude".

PS- Vivaan Shah ne toh movie mai ek tablet ke sath DJ ko hack kar liya tha, wo bhi bina kisi Connectivity ke. Ab bhai, itna talented toh Steve Jobs aur Bill Gates bhi nahi tha.

5.  Please Teach me hacking. I want to be a hacker like you. Is it possible?

Hacking is not that much easy as it is seen in hollywood or bollywood movies. To hack something (let it be a website or network or computer or any high sophisticated gadget), first you need to be a master of that thing. So, becoming a hacker means you are a good learner and have immense knowledge in programming, web designing, networking, hardware, reverse engineering etc. So, first go get some knowledge about these basic things. Then think to be a hacker.

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PS- Aao na beta, 15 ghnate ka ek crash course hai. Tughe puri hacking sikha dunga. Phir NASA ka bhi satellite hack kar lena. Hacking karna toh ABCD sikhne jaisa hai na.

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Hide My IP: Your Ultimate All In One Solution for Privacy, Unblocking & Security


Today Internet is growing faster than ever with the advent of many Social Networking, Online Shopping, Free recharge site and apps on almost every topic. Internet is now becoming a crucial part of our life and it is spreading out like a infectious virus in rural areas too!!! Terms like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Freecharge, Mcent are frequently being used in day-to-day life. People are getting habituated to Internet Addiction. And there are certain valid reason behind it. Internet is the platform providing knowledge, connectivity, entertainment and employment at such a low cost which is next to nothing. But, a few critical problem persists with Internet too. With the growth of Internet as a platform to share ideas, the attempt to ban or censor free voices is also increasing. You probably have heard about The Great Firewall of China. This is a governmental attempt to surveillance and provide limited access to Internet in china. I am damn sure that you have heard about Edward Snowden- the guy who revealed that NSA is spying on us. Whenever we hear such kind of news, we simply feel insecure. Just imagine that you are bathing naked in public on a crowded street. It really feels suffocating to be watched by someone else, that too by powerful NSA!!! So, here comes the importance of Identity Changer software.
Basically, on Internet your identity is determined by your IP Address. One as powerful as NSA or similar government agency can easily track you with your IP Address. So, to stay anonymous it is required to change your actual IP Address and masquerade your identity. This is what Hide My IP actually does.

What is Hide My IP?

To be frequent, Hide My IP is like a guide of yours in this dark world of Internet which is full of deception and is constantly under surveillance. As the name itself suggests, it is a software which hides your IP Address. Hiding your IP Address simply means that it protects your identity online and makes you anonymous. However, Hide My IP also works as a unblocking tool which can help you to watch many of your favorite TV Serials. Anyways, we shall discuss about it later.

How Hide My IP works?

Hide My IP address assigns a new IP Address to your computer in order to masquerade you. It acts as a proxy between your computer and websites which you browse on web. It means that the website will be unable to fetch your actual IP Address if you use Hide My IP. It provides you a whole new location to disguise one who want to tracks you. So, it is the near-to-perfect solution for all your worries.

Why Hide My IP is best?

Needless to say there are tons of software available right there which claims to provide you anonymity, privacy and unblocking feature in a single package. So, why Hide My IP stands out from all those software and is rated as best product in the category. Let's find out!!!

1. Easy-to-download. File size is 2.90 MB only and no need to install extra files. So, security at it's lowest size- 03 MB!!!

2. User Friendly. A novice can use it with pretty much ease. Press a single button and that is all it takes to make you oblivious online!!!

3. Configurable with browsers with easy-to-use interface. Many other such privacy software are needed to be set up manually in order to work properly. This is where Hide My IP shows it's potential as best Privacy tool.

4. High Level of Encryption with SSL. No worries of data theft at all!!!

5. Availability of a wide range of location to choose with. List includes countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain.

6. Premium High-Speed services which make it easy to browse internet faster even using proxy server. Many a time, using proxy makes internet connection damn slow. But, with Hide My IP software, no such problem persists.

7. Available for multiple platform including Windows, Mac and Android.

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How to configure and use Hide My IP

Like I mentioned earlier, it is a no-nonsense job to set up and use Hide My IP software. Firstly purchase it from Hide My IP official website. It costs $29.95 and Visa, Mater Card, PayPal, Bitcoin are the payment method.
Now, install the software in your computer. Installation process is quite easy and you can do it without any guide. Once installed, follow the given steps.

Step 1


You will get a interface like this with a warning message to hide your actual IP Address. Before, clicking on Hide My IP button we need to make some changes in order to work efficiently.

Step 2


Click on Advanced Settings tab and enable "Encrypt My Connection with SSL. It will provide you more secure connection.

Step 3


Click on "Select Desired Location" option to select any place of your choice.

Step 4


It will search for an available IP and finally set it as your own IP address.
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How To use Hide My IP program to Unblock?

There are certain TV program or website which are accessible solely on the basis of geographical location. It means that people belonging to other part of world can't access that content. Here, you can use Hide My IP to unblock access to such program. You can set your location as per the geographical location required to access the program. For instance, popular video streaming site YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. So, you can change your location to India using this software and access YouTube easily. As simple as that.

Final words about Hide My IP Software

No doubt, Hide My IP is the best software available in market. Although, it costs nearly $3o. But, considering all the function of this software, I must say it is really worth of $30. Use this software to hide your identity online with a few clicks. I would strongly recommend it to every single Internet user out there.

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Easy Tricks To Make Money With Facebook For Free And Earn $$$ Online


Making money online and that too on Facebook is really fun. Facebook is a Social Networking site but you can use it to earn money easily without much labor. Almost all of us have a facebook account and we ought to spend a lot of time on facebook. Or, let me correct it. Out of total time spent online, we spend almost 90% time on facebook only. And, what do we do on Facebook? Scroll through news feed, check other's status, like and comment on photos, chat with buddies and activities like that. But, what if I say that you can use Facebook as a platform to earn money. And you will be surprised to know that there are many working ways to make money on facebook. So, if one method doesn't work for you, you can give try to another working method to make money on facebook.

How much money You can earn on facebook?

The question that how much money one can earn on facebook seems very genuine and concerning. The answer varies for person-to-person. It all depends on you. The more effort you will put in, the more money will be poured in your account. Anyhow, you can earn anything between $5-$500 and sometimes even more than that. But, making money online on facebook is not a piece of cake at all. You can't expect money to arrive at your door automatically. Of course, you need some skill, creativity and willingness to work hard in order to make money on facebook easily. So, if you possess these above mentioned things then you are ready to go through this easy guide to make money online with facebook.

1. Make Money on Facebook with Facebook Pages


Almost all of you have basic idea of how facebook pages work. Facebook page is the platform to promote a brand, celebrity, activity, website, product etc. But, there are many facebook pages which are posting entertainment-related stuff too. A few examples are- Rajnikant v/s CID Jokes, Hansi Ke Gol Gappe, Chirkut Baba Ke Anmol Wachan. These pages are very popular with millions of like and page reach. Now, imagine that a company posts an ad of its product on one such page. The company will get exposure to thousands of potential customers. And, the motto of every advertising program is- to reach more & more people. Needless to say that companies spend a lot of money on Advertising solely. So, now imagine it for a second-
You have a facebook page with thousands of likes. You post interesting stuff for your readers. They are attached with your page. And, now you approach to advertisers and show them your page status. Certainly , advertises shall show interest to promote their product on your page. In return, they shall provide you handsome bucks. As simple as that.

But, always remember that you must have a good page with huge number of genuine likes (don't use facebook autoliker to generate fake likes) and better post reach. Only then advertiser will show interest in you. So, here are a few tips which you can use to create an awesome facebook page-

(1.) Build the page on any topic of your expertise and interest.
(2.) Always post unique and creative content to bind the audience.
(3.) Post content on regular basis to engage audience more and more.
(4.) Provide Freebies to people to attract them towards your page.
(5.) Finally, use Facebook Ad to reach more people.
Also, there is another way to earn money with Facebook page. You can create a popular page and then sell it to some other person. Facebook fan pages which are based on celebrities are sold at high prices as these pages get likes easily. But, before making a deal always make sure that the person is trustworthy otherwise you will loose your page without any money.

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2. Make Money on Facebook with URL Shortener Service


Actually, URL shortener services are the easiest method to earn money on facebook. This is the simplest method to make money on facebook. All you need to do is to join any of URL Shortener service. I would like to recommend you AdFly (adf.ly), Shortest (shorte.st) and Linkbucks.

Then, find some really awesome and interesting content (it may be a post, image, video, software, podcast or anything) on Internet. The more interesting your content will be, the more chances will be there for you to earn.
After finding a few good sharable content, use any of the above URL Shortening service to shorten the URL of the content.
Now, share this link on Facebook. You can share it on your timeline, groups or pages. You can also send the link to people through online chatting. I suggest you to use an attractive description for your link so that more people can get attracted to click on your click. Also, don't spam the groups with your link otherwise admin will kick you out from group!!!
If your content and description is attractive then people shall certainly click on the link to know more.

And, you will be get paid for each click. As simple as that!!l!

3. Make Money on Facebook with Facebook Application


If you have ever searched for ways to make money online then certainly you have come through a few sites which pay you on the basis of your activities. You can earn money by playing games, quiz, sudoku, trivia etc on these sites. These sites also pay you for visiting various sites. Fortunately, there are some facebook applications too which can provide you mobile recharge or money on the behalf of your activities. I have searched Internet for a while and found these working Facebook App which you can use easily to earn free recharge or some real cash-

1. AppBank
2. LiveStock
3. Embeepay
Although, I have never tried these apps still I suggest you to give them a try. It will work for you.

4. Make Money on Facebook with your own Facebook App


If you are a programmer or a coder then you can give it a try. You can create your own facebook app using programming skill. If your app gets popular on facebook then you can monetize your app to earn money. Here, monetization means you can add Advertisement in your facebook app. Facebook shall pay you for every click on your ad. To know more about Facebook app, I suggest you to check this.

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5. Make Money on Facebook by promoting your business


We all are aware of the capability of Facebook as a promoting tool. You can get new customer and sells easily on Facebook. I know one of my relative who works in the field of import & export of products. Let me tell you that he uses email marketing and facebook only to reach new customers. Such is the potential of Facebook. So, if you too are managing a business then Facebook can be proved as an ultimate marketing tool for you. You can easily find new customers on facebook. All you need to do is to create a facebook page of your product or service and make it popular. People shall automatically notice your work and many of them shall be turned as your customer. You can also use facebook to connect with your client in order to provide more efficient service. It will help you to get more sales. And, more sales simply mean more money. Isn't it?

A Personal Message to You

It is nice to see that you have gone through Easy tricks to make money with facebook for free and earn $$$ online. I hope that you have enjoyed the article. However, if you want me to deliver more hacking tutorials and articles then please share my post. You can use Social Sharing Widget provided at the end of every post. After all, Sharing is Caring!!!
Thank you. Have a nice day ahead!!!