Case Study: How I Recovered Deleted Post on My Blog


If you are the regular visitor of our blog, then you have noticed that some days ago, there were no post on my blog. And, if you follow me on Social Media, then certainly you know the reason the reason behind it. Actually, I had deleted all of my posts mistakenly which I had written in previous 2 months. It was a huge set back for me. But, ultimately I worked hard and recovered all the post. How? Let me explain

Step 1


At first, go to and try to find your deleted post. For example, if I have deleted the post 'Hide Yourself on Internet' then I can search 'Tech Geek Hide Yourself on Internet' on Google to find my post.

Step 2


Once you found your post in Google Search Result, then click on down arrow button as shown in picture. It will give you option to open Cached copy of that webpage.

Step 3

A Cached page is actually, a snapshot of a website, saved at a particular time, by a Search Engine. So, if you successfully view the snapshot of your deleted post, then you can easily recover it. So, click on Cached option to open it.

Step 4


A new tab will be opened now containing a message about the cached page. It will describe the date and time when the snapshot was taken.

Step 5


Now, scroll down through the page. You will see your deleted post here with all images.

Step 6

From here, you can simply copy your deleted post as well as images and create a new post for your your readers.

But, I suggest you to take a backup of your all post. To do so, open your blogger account. Click on Post and open your article (post). Now, set edit mode to HTML and copy the whole code. Paste the code into a new Notepad document and save it in your system.

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