Even You can Hack!

The world of hacking is amazing and the idea seems very cool that "Even You can Hack!" Chill run through your spine when you think that even I can hack. So, Is it possible that you too can hack? The answer is Yes. It is not too tough to hack. You just need to learn it. But, also it is not a piece of cake to hack someone. Now, let me discuss some very important point which can help you to be a hacker:-

1. Interest:-

interest-to-learn-hacking Interest is a very important factor if you want to learn hacking. If you are not interested to learn it then do not expect that you too can hack. You should be crazy for hacking. It is most necessary point which you can not ignore. Spend sleepless night; Surf Internet, Blog, Website; Apply each trick you find; Ask questions in Group and Forums; Discuss with others- these are the ways to learn hacking.

2. Brain:-

brain-learn-hacking It is perhaps most important factor. Various tools and tricks can help you in a limited way only. But, if you have good Analytical Capacity, Reasoning Ability and Innovative Thinking then chances are that you will be master of hacking. It all depends on brain.

3. Programming Language:-

programming-language-learn-hacking Knowledge of programming language is an essential feature. A hacker can not get success until he/she knows at least 3-4 programming languages and scripts. Knowledge of various programming language gives you basic understanding of events happening in the background, when you hack someone. Some programming languages which every Hacker or Hacker aspirants should learn are C, C++, Java and Python, My SQL. If you are a totally beginner in programming then firstly use BASIC( Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). It is a lightweight programming language which is very easy to learn. You should also be aware of various scripts and web designing language like HTML, PHP, xML, DHTML and Java Script. In this case, you should start with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). It is very easy and quite funny to learn but it will give you basic understanding of how coding system works.

4. Hacking Books:-

hacking-books-learn-hacking There are tones of PDF books available free of cost on Internet based on Hacking. You can download and read them for free. They shall guide you in a good way. I too have downloaded 50-60 books from Internet and read them. And, for your surprise, you can also get hacking books in printed form. You can purchase Ankit Fadia's Hacking books from various retailers or online shopping sites. I too have read Ankit's three books. Believe me, these are really cool and awesome and will help you a lot.

5. Google:-

use-google-learn-hacking Google is the world's best Search Engine having Alexa Rank 1. And, it can help you a lot to learn hacking. The problems which you face during hacking, is already faced by other persons and had been solved also. So, you just need to find the solution of your problem and the right place to do so is Google. Use Google Search frequently whenever you face problems.

6. Hacking Websites:-

use-hacking-website-learn-hacking There are a lot of websites available on hacking. Some of them provide you cracked or pirated software, dangerous viruses and trojans. I suggest you to avoid such sites. Using such sites increase the chances of getting your computer infected with Virus. Instead of it, use sites which provide articles on various topics related to Cyber Security. It might look complicated to read too long article but believe me benefit you will get from it is quite worth it. It will help you more to learn hacking.

7. Operating System:-

 Operating System is a great factor for you if you want to be a Hacker. If you are a general PC user then surely Windows meets your requirement and you can carry it on. But, if you want to be a hacker then think twice before using Windows. It does not seem a good deal to use Windows. You should switch over to Linux now. It is UNIX-based operating system available free of cost. But, now the matter comes to choose the Linux Distribution (version). I suggest beginners to use Linux Mint or Linux Ubuntu distribution. It's GUI (Graphical User Interface) is quite easy to handle and it almost looks like Windows. So, you can use it easily. And, if you want to use an advanced Linux distribution then go for Kali Linux. It is the advanced version of Linux Backtrack and contains many penetration tool and vulnerability tester.

Hacking is a consistent process. You need to be regular and updated with latest tech trends to be a good Hacker.

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  1. im a begineer and this post is motivating me a lot!

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