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Android is a popular mobile Operating System and it is used widely by the people through out the world. But, in comparison to Windows Operating System (Desktop), there are not too much Hacking trick/app/methods available. But, do not worry any more. If you are an Android user or want to Hack Android Smartphones then the solution is here. I am going to discuss all possible way to Hack Password in Android Smartphones. I shall explain the procedure for all popular brands like SAMSUNG, SONY, HTC, MICROMAX and KARBONN because the method to Hack Password is slightly different in all brands.


Samsung is a Korean company but in the era of Globalization, Samsung is working through out the world. Samsung is the leading company in India's Smartphone market. It has recently launched it's flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S5 in the market which is very popular.

Way to Hack Samsung Smartphone-

1. Switch off the phone first.
2. After that, use the POWER and VOLUME Up/Down button.
3. You will get the option to Reboot the phone after some seconds.
4. Here, you will get the option Delete All User Data. Click on it and it will delete all user data including the password.

This method is tested on Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5


HTC is another leading company in Smartphone market. HTC is also launching android smartphones in market with good specifications and competing with Samsung. HTC has recently launched it's flagship phone HTC One M8.

Way to Hack HTC smartphone-

1. Press and hold the VOLUME Down button.
2. Then press and hold the POWER button.
3. Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear.
4. Then release the POWER and VOLUME Down buttons.
5. Press VOLUME Down to select FACTORY RESET, and then press the POWER button.

This method is tested on HTC One S smartphone.


Micromax is an India phone manufacturer company and in Indian Smartphone market, it holds 2nd place. It is launching android smartphones having high system specifications in low-price range. And, it is the reason behind the success of Micromax in India.

Way to Hack Micromax Smartphone-

1. Switch Off the phone first.
2. Press POWER button with VOLUME Up/Down button.
3. You will get Recovery Mode and Factory Mode on screen. Select the Recovery Mode.
4. It will reboot the phone and remove the password.

This method is tested on Micromax A27, Micromax A37, Micromax A67, Micromax A1166 HD.


Karbonn is another leading Android Smartphone manufacturer company in India. It is also launching phone with higher specifications in less price range. So, a lot of people in India are using using Karbonn Smartphones.

Way to Hack Karbonn Smartphone-

1. At first, charge the device battery 100%.
2. Switch Off the phone and press VOLUME and CONTROL button.
3. After 10-15 seconds, you will get Recovery Menu on the screen.
4. Scroll through the Recovery menu using Volume Up/Down button.
5. Select Wipe Data and Factory Reset option.
6. Finally click on Reboot Now option and use POWER button to leave the Recovery menu.

This method is tested on Karbonn A1, Karbonn A25, Karbonn A90 and Karbonn A2.


Sony is a leading Japanese electronic product manufacturer company. In Android Smartphone segment, company has many good products like Sony Experia Z, Sony Experia Z2, Sony Experia Teepo etc.

Way to Hack Sony Smartphone-

1. Press and hold the POWER button for 3-5 minutes.
2. Release your finger after you feel the vibration.
3. Then press and hold the VOLUME button for ten seconds.
4. Now the phone will start to shut down automatically with vibration three times.
5. Now turn your mobile phone on.

This method is tested on Sony Experia Z.

Note- Actually, all the method described above will Hard Reset the Android Smartphone. It will delete all your user data as well as Passoword. So, do it only if you do not have other option. Tech Geek and Sanjeet Kashyap will not be responsible for the Data Loss caused by using this method. Parts of this tutorial is taken from My Mobile magazine issue of June 2014. We convey our gratitude to them.

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