Hack a Facebook Account with Phishing- No Coding Required (Best Way for Any Beginner)


Facebook is World's no. 1 Social Networking site and Facebook Hacking is the most trending topic in the Hacking World. In my previous post(s), I have already explained many ways to Hack a Facebook account like Social Engineering (Easiest Way) and Phishing(Most Used Way). But,in Phishing usually people don't want to edit HTML and upload Phishing page on Web-Hosing services. For all those people, here comes a cool solution-1Fake.

What is 1Fake?

1Fake is a service which provides the facility of fake Phishing page to users. It provides fake Phishing page for Facebook, Twitter, Badoo, Hotmail, Yahoo, Skype, Gmail, Blogger, Youtube, Paypal etc. You do not need to spend hours on coding your own fake page and uploading them to Web Hosting service. You just need to get the link of your phishing page and convincing people to Log In into the fake page. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on 1Fake.

Step 1


Go to 1Fake.

Step 2


Register your account for free on 1Fake.

Step 3


Once registered, Login with your email id and password.

Step 4


You will see the list of various pages and phishing link for them. For example, if you need a Desktop Facebook Phishing page in English language, you can select it and get the link.

Step 5

Now, you have to choose the type of phishing page you want to get. If you want a android mobile phishing page, you can select Afacebook option. Now, you also need to choose the language of your phishing page. Here, most of us would prefer English as language. Now, simply copy the link given in relevant box and provide it to target.

Step 6


If your target will enter the details into your phishing page, you can simply get his/her login information on your 1Fake account and you can also download that report.

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  2. HacK Facebook A/c WithIn 2 minutes Check

  3. HacK Facebook A/c WithIn 2 minutes Check

  4. nice post. U have done a great job. Keep it going. My best wishes are always with you.

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