Hack a Facebook Account with Phishing (Most Used Way)


At the very outset, let me ask a question. What is the most trending topic in Hacking World? Obviously, It is Facebook Hacking. Everyday people ask me on Facebook to hack a Facebook Account. For all those, I have already written article(s) on my blog- (1.) Hack a Facebook Account with Social Engineering (Easiest Way) and
(2.)Want to Hack a Facebook Account? In this series, now I am going to make you all aware of most used way to hack a facebook account- PHISHING.

Phishing is a way used by hackers to steal sensitive information like Username, Password, Bank Detail etc. by creating a fake login page. In Phishing, a hacker creates a fake Login Page which exactly looks like original one. But, in reality it is just a perfect replica of original one and when an user input his/her details on that page, it automatically sends the detail to hacker. Now, I am going to show how to create a Phishing page for Facebook.

Step 1-


Open your web browser and go to Facebook.

Step 2-


On the Home Page of Facebook, Right Click anywhere.

Step 3-


Select the option View Page Source to view the HTML code used to design the web page.

Step 4-


A new window will be opened now containing source code. Press Ctrl+A to select all and then Ctrl+C to copy it.

Step 5-


Now, open a new Notepad window and press Ctrl+V to paste the source code.

Step 6-


After that, we need to now make some changes in the notepad so that we can get the email id and password of user. Press Ctrl+F to find and in search box type action to search.

Step 7-


Replace https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login-attempt=1 with post.php carefully as shown in image.

Step 8-


You have almost done it. Now, save the notepad file as index.html.

Step 9-

Download post.php file.

Step 10-


So, now you have two files- index.html and post.php .You need to upload both files on Inernet. You can use Web Hosting Services (which supports PHP) like 000 Web Host, My 3Gb, Hostinger.
Create an account on any of the site. Go to File Manager and open Public.html folder. In the folder, upload both files.

Step 11-


Once uploaded, click on index.html to open it in a new tab. Note down the web address of page. Provide this link to others, ask them to use the link to open Facebook (use Social Engineering here). If any user will Log In using your page, a small .txt file will be automatically generated in the folder containing user's Email id and Password.

The tutorial provided here is for the educational purpose only. Apply the method/tutorial/trick at your own risk. Amazing Hacking Tricks and Sanjeet Kashyap will not be responsible for the harm caused by User's action in any way.

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  1. After upload Those 2 file , when i again login the web hosting site & Go to File Manager . There i can't find Public.html . Now what i do ???????????????????????????

  2. It is not a big issue at all. It happens some time. I think the problem lies in Web hosting service itself. So, I suggest you to try another Web hosting service.
    With Regards,
    Sanjeet Kashyap