Hack a Facebook Account with Social Engineering (Easiest Way)


Facebook is world's No.1 social networking site having Alexa rank 2 and 1.28 billion monthly active users. There are several methods (actually 18) to hack a facebook account and Social Engineering is one among them. It is a very interesting method and it does not even require ordinary hacking skills! Only thing that you need to perform social engineering attack is- BRAIN.

Now, let me define the term 'Social Engineering'- It is an art, to manipulate the natural human tendency to trust, of target, and to get the required information.

So, in Social Engineering, which is the easiest way to hack facebook we need to manipulate our target and get required information (not necessarily password!). How? Let me explain-

Step 1-

Gather some important information about your target like his/her email id or mobile number, or facebook id which he/she use to Log in. You can easily get them by checking his/her profile.

Step 2-

Now, open https://www.facebook.com from your browser. If any account is opened in your browser then simply click Log off button. Now, you will come across Facebook Log in page. Here, click on option "Forgot your Password?"

Step 3-

You will be redirected to a new page asking to enter the account detail which you want to recover. Input email id/ mobile number/ facebook id of your target which you gathered in Step 1 and proceed to next.

Step 4-

In the newly opened window, your target's account will be displayed now. And, it will also provide some recovery options. But, you need to click on option "No longer access to have these?"

Step 5-

Now, you will be asked to input a new email id or phone number to recover the account. I suggest you to enter a new and unused email id. After that proceed to next.

Step 6-

In opened page, a security question will be asked to you. I suggest you to note down the question on a page. If you already know the answer of security question then you have done it. But if you do not know the answer then our work (Social Engineering) starts here.

Now, we shall use Social Engineering (best facebook id hack trick) to get the answer of Security question from our target. Suppose, the security question is "What is the last name of your primary school teacher?" then I shall show you how to manipulate the target and get the answer.

Conversation between Target and You-

You- Hello buddy, how are you?

Target- Fine and what's about you?

You- I too am good. So, whats going on there?   

Target- Nothing much, just spending time on Facebook and Internet.

You- Yah, I too. Hey, don't you think our childhood days were awesome?

Target- Yup. Those days were amazing. I really miss them.

You- And, what about your school days? I mean all the fun with mates, prank with friends and also scolding by teachers!!!

Target- Yes, I too had enjoyed it a lot and I had been also scolded by teachers.

You- So, what do you feel about all those primary school teachers?

Target- Ah! They were almost good. I can remember some of them- Sir and Maidam. They were nice. They even did not beat me when I had not completed my home work!

You- Now, if you don't mind, Could I know the name of those kind-hearted teachers?

Target- Sure, Why not- A.K. Sharma, B.R. Prasad, Miss Geeta Sinha, B.N. Roy are some of them.

You- O.K. I too had some great teachers. But, now I have some urgent work. So, I need to go. Bye.

Target- Bye.

And, that is it. You manipulated the target and got required information. Now, use any of the acquired name as answer of security question. Chances are that your answer will be accepted. And you will get access to target's account.
See, how easy it was! You really do not need anything except Brain, Skill and Luck to perform a Social Engineering attack and hack a facebook account with this easiest method. And Believe me, I have hacked a target using the same method which I described above.

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  3. Social Engineering is a method which always works. It is not a technical vulnerability which could be patched! A successful Social Engineering attack totally depends on Attacker & Victim.
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    Sanjeet Kashyap