Hack a Website by DoS Attack (Easiest and Dangerous Way)


Gone are the days when only Black Hat Hackers, Computer Researchers and Security Experts only were able to hack Websites. It is 21st Century now and the scenario is totally changed. Now-a-days, a general computer user can hack a hack a site and they are doing so. Ever wondered how? Well, the credit goes to free tools available on Internet. There are numerous tools made by different organization (like Anonymous) which are very efficient in their work and extremely dangerous. One such tool is LOIC. It uses DoS method to hack a site.

What is a DoS Attack?

DoS stands for Denial of Service and it is the most easiest yet dangerous way to hack a website. In a DoS attack, the attacker sends, multiple request, at a time, to target site, continuously and consumes its all resources. It results in shutting down of the site temporarily. The attacker uses a tool named LOIC to send multiple request to the site.
LOIC stands for Low Orbit Ion Canon. It is developed by world famous hacking group Anonymous. LOIC is a light-weight tool and extremely easy to use. Yet here is a tutorial on LOIC for you all.

Step 1

At first, download LOIC(Low Orbit Ion Canon) tool from Internet.

Step 2



Once downloaded, browse the location where you saved the file. It is a zip folder so open it with Win Zip or 7-zip.

Step 3

Now, open the LOIC tool.

Step 4

To attack the target site, you need to input either URL or IP Address of the site in relevant box. I suggest you to input the IP Address of the site.

Step 5

To find the IP Address of your target site, click on Start button on your computer. Open RUN, type "cmd" in the box and press Enter. A new window will be opened which is Command Propmt. There type ping www.targetsite.com and press Enter.

Step 6

You will get the IP Address of your target site. Note it down.

Step 7

Open the LOIC tool again and input the IP Address of your target site in IP Section and click on Lock on button.

Step 8

If everything is okay, then you will see the IP Address of your target site in Selected target section.

Step 9

Now leave the attack options as default. But, if you want to make some change in it, then you can surely do it.

Step 10

Finally, click on the big button IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER to launch the attack.

Step 11


You have almost done it. Now, just sit back relaxed and the LOIC tool will do the rest of work for you. You can see attack status that how much requests has been sent to the site.

Actually, it is very hard to take down a whole site by only one person. So, I suggest you to make a group, fix the target and launch the attack against the target site with maximum members you have at a time. Then this method can work fine. Also, never think of hacking big sites like Facebook and Google using this method. These sites are totally protected from such attack.

The tutorial provided here is only for the educational purpose. Apply the method/tutorial/trick at your own risk. Amazing Hacking Tricks and Sanjeet Kashyap will not be responsible for the harm caused by User's action in any way.

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