Hacking Windows User Account


There are numerous ways available to hack the password of Admin account in Windows Operating System. Generally in School, College and Office, authorities block access to admin account. It annoys Students and Office Employee. Due to limited access, they can not download data from Internet, can not install software of their choices and so on... So, many of them want a way to get rid of it. In this post, You will be aware of every possible way to hack an user account.

1. Use Password Recovery Tool:-


You can crack the password of admin user account by using password recovery tools. There are many password recovery tools available on Internet such as Ophcrack, PC Login Now, Kon-Boot, John the Ripper, Windows Password Recovery tool 3.0 etc. I am going to explain about Ophcrack.

Ophcrack is a free password cracker tool based on Rainbow Table attack. It has a Graphical User Interface (G.U.I.) and it works on all operating system including Windows, Linux and Mac. So, at first download Ophcrack from Internet. I suggest you to download the Ophcrak LiveCD as it does not require installation.

For your comfort here is the link to download Ophcrack LiveCD- http://www.ophcrack.sourceforge.net/download.php/. 

On the download page, choose the version of Ophcrack LiveCD which is suitable for your target computer's operating system. For example, if you want to crack the password of Windows 7 operating system then select ophcrack Vista/7 LiveCD. 

Once downloaded, open the file. You will notice that it is a .iso file. You can not simply install it in a PC. You need to burn it into a CD/DVD to work it properly.

So, to burn the CD/DVD, you need a DVD/CD burning tool. I suggest you to use Power ISO. It is a small yet effective Disk Image utility. 

You can download it from http://www.poweriso.com/download.htm/. Once downloaded, install the software.

But after installing you will notice that the software is unregistered and you have to register or use trial version or enter serial key to register. Do not worry. Here I am providing you Name and Serial key to register yourself with Power ISO v4.7.


Serial Key- U5ABB-FGU6Z-4DXQE-Z43TJ-9AP32.

Register yourself with the serial key. Once registered, Insert a blank CD/DVD into DVD drive of your computer. And burn the .iso image into CD/DVD using Power ISO. Be sure that you have to create a bootable CD/DVD. The steps are quite easy and it is useless to explain them in detail. Congrats!! You have created your own Password Cracker for Windows Vista/7 Operating System. 

Now, you have to crack the password of your target system. To do so, open the target computer and insert the CD/DVD (which you have created recently) into the DVD drive.

After that you have to change the boot device priority to boot computer from your recently created CD/DVD. To do so, you need to press certain key during booting of computer.

For example, I press F12 to enter "boot device selection" menu in my Toshiba laptop. Another way to select boot device priority is to open BIOS setup. BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It is a small programme installed in the microprocessor. To open BIOS setup you have to press certain key during booting of computer. For example, I press F2 to open BIOS setup in my Toshiba laptop. For more details you can use Google.

After opening BIOS setup, go to Boot option and select the boot device. In this case select CD/DVD as boot device and press Enter. Your computer will be restart and this time it will boot by Ophcrack CD/DVD and you can easily crack password from here.

2. Use RUN Command-


This trick will work only if you have managed to gain access to admin account for some time. It might be possible when the person having admin account left his/her account open and went somewhere else. In that case, you can apply this trick. At first click on Start button. Now, go to RUN and open it. In the box, type "control userpasswords2" without quotes and press Enter. A new window will be opened now. From here you can Add new user account, Delete the old user account, Change account type (whether administrator or guest) of old user account, remove the password from any user account and finally you can change the password of any user account. So, Enjoy this very simple and cool trick.

3. Use Command Prompt-


Alike the previous trick, this trick too works only when you get access to admin account. To hack the user account, firstly go to Start and open RUN. 

In the box type "cmd" without quotes and press Enter. A new window will be opened now which is known as Command Prompt. 

In Command Prompt type "net user" without quotes and press Enter. This command will show you list of all accounts. 

Now, you have to choose the user account which you want to modify. To do so, now type "net user Admin *" without quotes and press Enter. Here 'Admin' shows the user account which you want to modify and * means Shift+8. 

After pressing Enter, you will be asked to enter a new password. Enter the password of your choice, Re-type it and press Enter.

4. Use Sticky Keys-


This trick can be useful in the condition where you managed to get access to admin account but you do not want to change the password at that time. But, in future too you want to get access to the admin account . Now, before going into detail be aware that this trick works only in Windows XP operating system, not in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. 

Also, you should know about Sticky Keys first. Sticky Keys are the accessibility feature provided by Microsoft to help Physically Disabled users. You can activate it by pressing Shift key 6-7 times. Now, let me discuss about setting a backdoor in computer so that you will be able to gain access to it in future. 

At first, click on Start button, and go to My Computer. 

Now go to C:\windows\system 32. Copy the file "cmd.exe" from there. 

Now, paste it on the desktop. Rename the file as"sethc.exe". 

Now, copy this (recently created file) "sethc.exe" and paste it in C:\windows\system 32. It will ask you to overwrite the file. Click yes. 

That is all. You have done it. Now, Log off the admin account. 

If the computer has multiple user accounts, then you will see now Log On screen. Here, press Shift key 6-7 time and you will see Command Prompt on the screen. So, now you can change password from here anytime.

5. Use Safe Mode-


This cool trick works on almost all version of Windows operating system. In my opinion this is the best trick to hack admin accounts as it does not need access to admin account or any tool. That is why I am sharing it in last. The trick is quite simple and effective.

At first, open your computer. Press F12 or other relevant key to enter into Boot Device Selection menu. 

Now, choose Hard Disk as Booting Device and press Enter. Now, a new black screen will appear where you have to choose from various options like 'Safe Mode', 'Safe Mode with Networking', 'Safe mode with Command Prompt', 'Open Windows normally', 'Last known good Configuration'. 

Choose 'Safe Mode' and press Enter. 

Now, you will come across a Log On screen where you will see several user accounts including "Administrator" named user account. Click on it to Log On. 

You will be surprised to know that it will not prompt you for the password. The reason is that whenever an user installs windows O.S. in computer, an account named "Administrator" having admin rights but no password is created automatically. But, this account is accessible only in Safe Mode. So, once opened the account, you can easily change the password of other accounts using Command Prompt trick described above.

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