What Is Hacking : An Introductory Guide


Okay. So, here we are talking about Hacking. Considering that you're one of the residents of Amazon forest having no connection with cutting-edge technology (which you are not for certain), I shall try my best to introduce hacking to you or for that matter, introduce you to hacking. Now that you are a forest dweller having minimal knowledge of Technology, I find it nothing wrong to introduce you to computers first. And what better way I could use to do so other than using the good old definitions taught at schools?

Computer is an electronic device which receives the data, processes it and gives output.
You got it? Nah? Ah, welcome to the league. I also didn't understand it for the first time I remembered it. 

Anyways, Computers are quite significant in modern world of ours. Today, computers are used in almost every sector of life some of which I have pointed below.
  •  Transportation
  •  Finance & Banking
  •  Health
  •  Scientific Research
  •  Space Exploration
  •  Entertainment Industry
  •  Manufacturing Industry
  •  Blah, blah, blah...
I mean you name just name it and you'll find some sort of computer involved in it. That being said, it means you now have an idea of how computers are interwoven with human life.  In this world of ours, almost everything is connected. We are the part of a giant network, the one which comprises of satellites, computers, laptops, cable wires, infrared rays, modems, smartphones and what not...

That means every device is a part of worldwide network seamlessly transmitting and receiving data. What if someone, apparently genius one, intrudes into this system and steal data, make unwanted change, corrupt the system or do whatever she can? Well, that's something which is called Hacking in public domain. Now, again back to old and boring school definition.
Hacking is an unauthorized attempt to bypass any security mechanism. Hacking is to tinker with electronics and computer and to force them to do the things which they are not intended to do.
Needless to mention, the brilliant guy (not necessarily brilliant in many cases, courtesy of all free and open source hacking tools out there) who cracks the password, defaces website, and manipulates the user to retrieve information is known as Hacker. But, here is a cliche. Are all hackers malicious and lean-thin version of goons expert at computers? Do they always perform malicious act and violate law? Are all hackers criminal? Apparently not. And, if you think so, I suggest you to stop watching and believing Hollywood movies :P 

As a matter-of-fact, there are bad hackers using their skills for personal gain and harming others. But, there is more to the story. The whole hacker community is not all about tech criminals. For the convenience, we categorize hackers in following groups: 
  1. White Hat Hackers
  2. Black Hat Hackers
  3. Grey Hat Hackers   
OK. So far so good. Now, let us try to decipher these terms. Pretty easy it is.

White Hat Hackers are the one who don't use their hacking skills for their personal gain or with wrong intention. They usually become Expert in Computer Security and help common people as well as companies and government to protect them from bad hackers. They are also called as Ethical Hackers. You'll be surprised to know that Facebook have awarded many hackers for hacking into their system and reporting the vulnerability to them.

On the other hand, Black Hat Hackers use their hacking skills maliciously for their personal gain. They usually hack bank accounts, steal credit cards, crack passwords, deface websites and retrieve confidential information.

All clear???

Here comes the interesting part. Grey Hat Hackers.

Grey Hat Hackers are the hackers who don't fall in the category of either White Hat or Black Hat. They are like lizards changing color with time and situation! It implies that sometimes they act like White Hat while other times as Black Hat. Interesting, na???

So, here we go. By the end of this post, let us summarize what we learnt today

1. What is Hacking? 
2. What are the types of hackers?
3. Difference between White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat Hackers.

Enough for a post? I suppose so.         

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