Introduction to Email

Electronic mail (in short e-mail) is a method to exchange digital information from one person to other. It was developed by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. Now, e-mail is used widely to share information on Internet. It has almost replaced the old and traditional mail system. And today it is used by almost all companies, schools, colleges and organization.
How it Works?
All e-mail communication on the Internet is governed by rules and regulations laid down by two different protocols. These are:- 1. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) 2. POP (Post Office Protocol) The SMTP protocol is used to send e-mails, while the POP protocol is used to receive them. An e-mail message reaches to its destination as follows- Sender Outbox < Source Mail Server < Interim Mail Servers < Destination Mail Server < Destination Inbox. Thats how a simple e-mail system works. Some famous e-mail service provider companies are Gmail, Yahoo mail, Rediff mail.

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