Introduction to Windows User Accounts

As I have described in my earlier post "Introduction to Windows" that Windows is the most popular Operating System and there are numerous tools and tricks available to hack it. I also described that Windows O.S. has an easy-to-use interface and a lot of features. One such feature is to setup Administrative account on Computer. Sometimes a computer is used by many users. In that case, the computer is called Shared Computer. So, here the question arises that how an user can maintain his/her privacy on a Shared Computer? The answer is Administrative Account. An user can create his/her own user account and protect his/her data and files by using password. You can create your own user account in computer. To do so, Click on Start < Control Panel < User Accounts. Now click on Create a new account. Pick a name for your user account, choose its type (whether Administrator or Limited), create a password, re-type it and press OK. Congrats!!! You have created your own user account. Another way to do so is to open RUN and type "control userpasswords2" without quotes and press Enter. Now, a new window will be opened. In that window, click on Add an account, follow the instructions (they are almost same as I described above) and create your own user account. Now let me discuss about type of User Accounts-

1. Administrator

2. Limited or Standard

3. Guest

Administrator user account has admin rights i.e. an admin can modify, delete all files, create and remove other accounts and gain access to other user accounts. It can also be protected by password. Limited user account has limited rights. It too can be protected by password but the owner can not modify files of admin user accounts. Guest user account has almost no rights. It can not be protected by using password. And owner can modify and create files only in Guest account. Guest Account is present in Windows O.S. by default. You just need to Turn it On. So, this is a brief description of different User Accounts of Windows operating system. In upcoming posts I shall describe ways to Hack an user account.

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