Introduction to Windows

If you have even used P.C. for once then surely you will be aware of Windows. Windows is an operating System (in short o.s.) developed and sold by Microsoft Company. An operating system is an interface between an user and a computer. Now, let us have a look on popular version of Windows o.s.-

1. Windows 95
2. Windows 98
3. Windows 2000
4. Windows XP
5. Windows Vista
6. Windows 7
7. Windows 8
8. Windows 8.1

Among all of these O.S. Windows XP is most popular. It is even used in Banks and ATMs. Microsoft finally stopped providing support for Windows XP on 8th April 2014. Today most of the computer users use Windows operating system. Only a few others are using Mac, Linux operating system. The reason is that Windows provides an easy-to-use interface to its user. Even a novice can mess up with it and at least use Paint or MS Word!!! So, Windows is customized to meet the requirement of a general user. And it is the reason why most of the people use it. Here the role of a Hacker comes into the picture. As Windows is most popular o.s., many Hackers target to hack it. There are many ways available to Hack Windows. I shall make you aware of them in upcoming posts. Stay updated with us.

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