My Monthly Blogging Report


I have decided to write an article about my Blogging status to make you all aware of our journey. And, today I am going to show you the monthly report of MAY 2014.
Well, I have launched the blog on 26th April 2014 with a few articles and a simple blogger template. I used Facebook a lot to promote it. And, surprisingly I got a huge number of Page views which was totally beyond my expectation.
If I take a look at my Blog's traffic status, I can easily find that I am getting most of the visitors from Indian Sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka). U.S.A., U.K., Indonesia, Trinidad and Tobago, Malaysia, Philippines, Kenya, China, South Africa and Italy are some other countries from where I am getting Juicy Traffic! In the first month of launch, we have 5000 Page views which is pretty nice. If you are a Blogger or Web Developer then certainly you will be aware of Alexa Rank. Alexa is an Amazon Company's divison which provides ranking to the websites available on the Internet.

Principal of Alexa Ranking system is simple-
The lower your Alexa rank is, the popular your site is. So, at the very beginning, our Alexa rank was near abut 1,90,000. It could be said as poor rank. After some days, It was 1,39,86,852. It just increased or decreased slightly above or down. But, in last weekends of the month, we noticed a tremendous increase in our Alexa Rank and it was 83,63,511. But, our success story does not just ends here. After a few days, once again our Alexa rank boosted to nearly 63,00,000. And at the time of writing this article, our Alexa rank is 63,44,614 .
When the matter comes to earn money using the blog, I just want to say that I have not get success in my 1st month. I have tried BidVertiser ad for some days but finally removed them because they were none of my use. Now, I am thinking of earn money by writing Sponsored Reviews and providing Grey Hat Hacking Course. You will see some Sponsored Reviews on my blog in near future.
At last, we can conclude that the first month of Amazing Hacking Tricks can be said a successful one. And, It all happened due to your support. We have good page views, professional looking template, fine Alexa rank, quality post and intelligent audiences. So, keep visiting, start learning, do hacking and Enjoy.

A personal message to You 

It is nice to see that you have gone through "My Monthly Blogging Report" completely. I hope you have enjoyed the article. However, if you want me to deliver more interesting hacking tutorials and article then please share my post(s). You can use Social Sharing Widget provided at the end of every post. After all, Sharing is Caring!!!
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  1. Hey dude. Congratulations on your early success. I read some of your posts and they were high quality and good stuff. I am the author of and I also had a similar start. It hasn't been an year since I started blogging there, and after getting 1000 to 2000 pageviews daily, I decided to get a custom domain (just a few days ago). Now things have got even better and I got 3000 pageviews yesterday. Your content is great, and the most important thing I can tell you to go is to write more and write on a very specific niche. For example, just focus on hacking. Your description says A Blog dedicated to Computer, Internet, Android, Hacking, Facebook. This kind of blog will never get authority on any subject. I have all beginners level tutorials on Kali Linux and now my site is considered on of the best when it comes to it. Focus on one thing and your blog will be known for that. As far as ads are concerned, you will find that they don't work well until you get a lot of traffic. I also use Bidvertiser ads (many companies don't approve hacking sites), and I haven't made much of a fortune. Of course now that the traffic is getting better, so are the results.
    So Good Luck.

    1. Hello Shashwat,
      Thanks a lot for wishing me and providing me suggestions. Your worlds are really inspiring for newbie bloggers like me.
      When the matter comes to choosing a specific niche, I just want to say that dear my blog is not only based on Hacking. It is based on Technology and I shall cover each and every topic related to Tech. to attract audience from all genre.
      And to earn money, I have already described about Sponsored Review and Grey Hat Hacking Course.
      Thanks a lot for your words.
      With Best Wishes,