Myths About Hacking : It Is Not All You Watch In Hollywood Movies

It is a warm Sunday afternoon. You've got nothing special to do on weekend. You are laying still on your bed. Out of sheer boredom, you turn to TV in hope of getting entertained and passing the time. You switch across various channels and Voila! You come across an action packed Hollywood movie. You can't resist yourself from watching the movie. Fortunately, the movie turns out to be a crazy hacking adventure where hackers play with keywords as if it is piano and manipulate the data displaying on 3-4 plasma screens making no sense to you. All this drama has a halo around it. You feel awed by the stupendous skill of hacker-on-screen who can hack everything including Satellites, FBI, NASA, CCTV Camera and what not. The movie finishes and you marvel at the swift execution of hacking techniques. Within no time, you start to think it is damn easy to hack anything and it looks too cool. Enthusiastic as you are, you open web browser on your smartphone, click on the big 'G' icon to search 'how to hack' or 'how to be a hacker'.   

So far everything is as you've thought it to be. Within seconds, thousands of results pop up on your screen. Predictable as you are, you feel ecstatic. You click on a link which directs you to a website. You try another link which redirects you to another website. In the similar fashion, you open up tens and even hundreds of websites until......

You realize that you've been cheated. Hacking isn't all you've watched in Hollywood movies. There are terms and codes and instructions which bounce over your head. Disappointed, you decide to leave the pursuit midway. That's where you are wrong.

Hacking is an art. The science of hacking relies heavily on Mathematics and Social Science. You must be scratching your head after reading the sentence. Well, you need not to. Ever heard of algorithms? Software? Apps? How are they made? They are made with programming languages. And that's where mathematics comes into picture. A skilled hacker usually is an excellent and ingenious coder as well. Coming to Social Science part of the sentence, many ingenious hacking attacks were executed swiftly in the past simply by manipulating human beings. That's what we call Social Engineering and psychology play a vital role in it.
Moving on, usually it takes a lot of time to perform a successful hacking attack like Phishing. Weeks and often months of testing and experimenting pays off little or nothing at all. It is quite tedious and slow work demanding a lot of patience. Contrary to Hollywood movies, it is an arduous task and often demands a spartan lifestyle. 

Hacking attacks like Brute Force attack where a hacker tries every possible combination of keys as password are quite time taking. Finding new and unexploited vulnerabilities and writing zero day exploit demand hell lot of labor, time and knowledge. On a side note, zero day exploit are very effective for hackers as no patch is available for the vulnerability on the day it is discovered. 

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