Recover Deleted Files

Many-a-time, we delete unwanted files from our computer. After deleting, we can also recover them once as they become stored in Recycle Bin. But, what if you have deleted the file from Recycle Bin also and you need the file at that time? Perhaps you have no way instead of cursing your fate!!! But, wait a minute. You can recover them. How? Let me explain.

Step 1-

At first, go to official website of Recuva- and download Recuva software from there.

Step 2-

Once downloaded and installed, open it and simply click Next to proceed.

Step 3-

After that, choose file type want to recover. You can choose various options like Pictures, Music, Documents, Videos, Email and Compressed file. If your deleted file does not fit in the category then select "All Files" option and click Next to proceed.

Step 4-


Now, choose the location where your file was saved. If you do not know the exact location then simply select the option "I'm not sure" and click next to proceed.

Step 5-

Now, you have almost done it. Click on the option "Enable Deep Scan" if you want to search more deeply. But, it will take more time. Click on Start button and sit back relaxed. Rest work will be done automatically.

Step 6-

Now, in 3 steps, Recuva will scan your drive for deleted files.

Step 7-

At last, Recuva wizard will show you all recovered files. You can recover files having green circle only. Choose file and click on Recover. And, you have done it!!!
So, It is too easy to recover file and anyone can do it with Recuva. One important feature of Recuva is that it also makes you aware of your system specifications like Processor, RAM, Processor type etc.

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