Story of Gs- 1G to 4G (LTE)


Cell phones and Internet are now a part of our life. We can not imagine the life today without cell phone and internet. As cell phones and internet came into trend, some new tech-related words also came into trend. We often hear and frequently use the words like 2G, 3G, 4G, NFC etc. But, have you ever thought what does these words mean? Well, let me explain in detail.


GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) service started in decades of 1980. Since, it was first technique of GSM mobile service so it is known as 1G. This technique was used only for Calling and Messaging service.


After 10 years, there came a new turn in mobile technique. In decades of 1990, second version of GSM mobile service was developed. It is known as 2G. 2G technique made it possible to browse Internet on mobile devices, which is sometimes also known as WAP. It is possible to exchange data using 2G technique.

This technique was modified time-to-time. And 2.5G network is known as GPRS while 2.75G network is known as EDGE. Today 80% mobile customer of world (including me!!!) use 2G network.


Once again, after 10 years, In 2000 GSM developed third version of network- 3G. It makes faster data exchange possible. According to new standards of 3G, you can transfer data at the rate of 42 mb/s.


In 2010, GSM introduced 4th generation technique which is known as 4G. 4G consists of two type-

(a.) Wi-max

(b.) LTE

But, Europian countries, India and China are using 4G (LTE) technique. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It is a wireless broadband technique which works on mobile network.

4G Service Providers in India
S.No.Service ProviderTelecom Circle
1.Reliance GeoAll 22 Telecom Circle
2.AirtelMaharastra, Punjab, Karnataka, Kolkata, Delhi, Punjab, Kerala and Hariyana
3.AircelA.P, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Bihar, Oddisa, Assam, North-East, J&K
4.TikonaHimachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, U.P, Gujarat

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