Want to Hack a Facebook Account?

Facebook is the world's most popular Social Networking Site. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 4th February 2004. And in 10 years, it has over one billion active users. People from almost all part of the globe are using it today. It is a great platform to share information, idea and skill with others. It is also helping people to connect with their friends and sharing personal information. And thats why many of us want to hack a facebook account.

So, Is it possible to hack a Facebook Account?

Let me explain it in detail. If you open Google and type the keyword 'Facebook Hacking Software' then you will get thousands of results. And, if you pick up any of them then you will come across various webpages claiming to hack facebook accounts within a minute. They will also claim that they found a bug or exploit in Facebook Security System which makes it possible to hack. You will also come across various happy (in reality, fabricated) customers. And, after that you will believe that "Yes, it works and I should try it". Well, you will be asked to input the profile id of your target. And after that it will also show you certain processes like observing target, running algorithm, decrypting MD5 hash etc. Finally, it will show you the message that your target is hacked and you just need to download the file containing password. "Oh, I did it, now I just need to download the file and its too easy". So, you will click on download button now. It will take you to a new page asking to complete a survey before downloading. "Oh, I am gonna complete it. I hope its easy." You will choose a survey and try to complete it.

But, it is my gurantee that you will never be able to complete these surveys and getting the password of your target. Even I too have spent many sleepless night trying to complete survey but never got success. Reality is that all these Online Facebook Hacking Tool and Software are just fraud and nothing more than that. Tell me one thing. Why Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his team are spending millions of dollar every year on Security issues? Only to be hacked within minutes!! No, not at all.

Then the question arises that Is it impossible to hack a Facebook Account? The answer is No, it is possible to hack it. There are several ways to do so. Each of them has their own importance as well as limitations. I have gone through tones of article on Internet and found 18 possible ways to hack a Facebook Account-

1. Social Engineering
2. Phishing
3. Keylogging
4. Bypass Security Question
5. Password Stealers
6. Brute Force Attacks
7. Session Hijacking
8. Sidejacking
9. Clickjacking
10. DNS Spoofing
11. Mobile Phone Hacking
12. USB Thefting
13. Man in the Middle Attack
14. Botnet
15. Cookies Grabing
16. Likejacking
17. Dictionary Attack
18. Exploiting Facebook's Three Trusted Friend feature

As I have mentioned earlier, each of them has their own importance as well as limitations. It depends on conditions whether the method will work or not. I shall explain all possible ways and their countermeasures in detail.

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  1. OMG, u r a hacker..wow..can u please teach me some cool tricks.. if u don't want 2 teach me then please tell me where i can learn... please please please

  2. ya you are ryt even i went through all this shit but nothing worked!!!!!
    but where can we learn all the above techniques???

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Pappu.
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  4. You can learn these Facebook Hacking tricks using various site. I have already post article(s) on Phishing and Social Engineering on my blog. You can refer to them. I shall publish many new article in near future. Keep visiting.
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