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Thank you for landing here. I am glad you've visited this web page and most possibly others as well on this site.

So, here this is the first post on Amazing Hacking Tricks where I am going to clear why the Amazing Hacking Tricks blog came into existence in the very first place.

Just in case you are not aware of, this blog is solely managed by Sanjeet Kashyap who is the guy writing these lines sitting in front of a laptop right now. You might be wondering what made Sanjeet start a new blog on Hacing Tricks considering that already there are so many blogs and sites out there doing the same thing. So, here comes the explanation...

First, Sanjeet is a narcissist. A lovable one but nonetheless, a narcissist craving for attention. And what might be the best way to seek attention other than creating an outstanding site which delivers quality content to readers???

Second, Hacking is the topic which seems attractive and cool (to be precise) to every tech-loving teenager. Sanjeet is not the exception. Back in 2011 summer, Sanjeet was this curious teenager trying to learn ABC of Hacking using resources available on Internet. With time, he often felt that the most of the sites aren't providing quality content. This made him start a new blog and share his knowledge with newbies.

Now, I am running this blog for last 2 years and am pretty much sure I have achieved what I wanted to with this blog. Numerous time, I get this message in inbox, "Hi bro. I checked your website and I liked it very much." Positive feedback like these ones help me push further and deliver more and more.......

So, I welcome you to visit, learn, ask and support Amazing Hacking Tricks. I shall be more than happy to connect with you and it would be great if I may help you in any way.

Go, explore the blog. Awesomeness is waiting for you...

Thank you.


  1. Your blog is really nice, bro. I appreciate you for that.
    Keep it up!
    My best wishes are with you.