Giveaway 1 for Tech Geek Visitors


Hello Amazing Hacking Tricks visitors!

After a long time, I am back here to share some nice hacking tricks with you all. I hope you all visit my blog regularly and learn a lot from here. So, I would like to say Thanks to all my loyal readers. And for such loyal readers of Tech Geek blog, here I am going to provide a Giveaway.

Rules of Giveaway-

1. To take part in the Giveaway, you need to visit Amazing Hacking Tricks regularly.

2. You have to post comment on the blog.

3. You have to post comment with your Google Account only. Comment(s) posted with your own name or Anonymous will not be counted.

4. Comment should be relevant to the article.

5. Avoid Spamming. Don't post the link of your own site or any other site in comment box.

Duration of the Giveaway- 13th October 2014 to 01st November 2014.

Result Declaration-

Result will be declared on this blog. Top 5 commentators will get the prize.


Here comes the most interesting part i.e. the prize. So, the winner will get an invitation to join Ello. As you know that, Ello is a new and emerging Social Networking site. It is also completely Ad free and it does not share your private information to any third company. So, getting invitation to join Ello is the Giveaway for you all.

Why are you waiting? What are you waiting for? Go, Browse the blog, Open the article(s) and Post the comment.

HURRY!!! You don't have much time. Start Commenting.

Best Wishes!!

This Giveaway is Closed now and there is no winner of the Giveaway.


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