Fake Hacking Software Whats App Sniffer Is Revealed Now


Whats app is one of the best Instant Messaging service working on Mobile platform. It is quite popular in countries like India and Brazil. It is so popular that Facebook acquired Whats App from its founder. Whats App helps a user to share Image, File, Video, Audio etc. Apart of it, a user can also chat with his/her friend using this awesome Social Networking app. And, that is why Whats App is the primary target for hackers.

Many-a-software and methods are available right now on Internet which claims to hack Whats App account for you. Although, a few methods are really working but when you consider Whats App Hacking Software, all you will get in last is Disappointment.Yes, you have read it right. No so-called Whats App Hacking Software is going to help you hack an account. And in support of my statement, I am going to present a few evidence. I have tried a Whats App Hacking Software named Whats App Sniffer to prove it a fraud. And here is the result.

Whats App Sniffer v3.2

I have downloaded Whats App Sniffer v3.2 from www.whatsappsnifferdownload.com. Once downloaded, I extracted the zip file and found three files namely- (i.)WhatsApp Sniffer.exe, (ii.) WhatsApp Sniffer Tutorial.mp4 and (iii.) WhatsApp Sniffer- Read Me.pdf. 


After opening the software, I selected the region first. Then input victim's mobile number and pressed Connect button.

After that, it showed me that a new update is available for this software and I need to update it in order to use it properly. I didn't had other choice. So, I proceeded to download the update.

Holy Shit! The page is showing that "there are no surveys available for your region". So, game is over here.

So, my first attempt resulted in disappointment. But, I didn't give up and downloaded WhatsApp Sniffer from another link. When I extracted the file I received the following message-

So, again I had to complete the survey. And you are well aware of the fact that completing a survey is next to impossible! So, the second try also went in vain.

Beware of these FAKE Whats App Hacking Software

So, in nutshell I just want to convey the message that these all software are none other than crap. But, there is one more basic fact which you need to consider. These software also contain harmful malware like Trojan or worm which can create backdoor in your system. And, finally it results in hacker getting himself hacked! Hence, it is rational to avoid all such unreliable software and learn hacking with dedication. I hope that this post will surely change your mindset about Hacking Software. After all, there is no alternate of Hard Labor and Dedication.

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