How Did I Get Google Adsense Approval On My HACKING Blog With 5 Days Old Domain Name


Today Blogging is the best way to share ideas online. It provides you world-wide exposure and money making opportunity. The best way to Make Money Online is Blogging. There are certain ways to monetize your blog. CPC, Paid Review, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Ad, Product Selling are a few to be listed. The best and easiest method for newbie bloggers is CPC Advertising. And, undoubtedly Google Adsense is the big giant in this field. Getting Adsense account approved is like dream coming true for a blogger. I am extremely pleased to inform you all that Amazing Hacking Tricks has a completely approved Google Adsense account. Many-a-people asked me how did I get my adsense account approved for a hacking blog. So, here I am going to share a few factors which will help you to get your adsense account approved.

1. Domain Name


Although, blogger automatically provides a sub-domain to every blogger. Still, it will be better to purchase a new TLD (Top Level Domain) like .com, .net, .org to get Adsense approval. You can purchase a new domain name on Godaddy for Rs 99 only. A Top Level Domain can surely help you to get Adsense approved and it will also help you to rank higher in Search Engines.

2. Time


Time is an important factor to be considered for Adsense approval. Generally, Blogger doesn't permit bloggers to apply for Adsense before 6 months. This time restriction is strictly applied on Indian & Pakistani bloggers. However, in my case I applied for adsense only with 5 days old domain name. But, let me also mention that my blog is now almost 1 year old with domain name. So, it will be better if you wait for 6 months or purchase a TLD to improve your chances of Adsense approval.

3. Image Setting

This is the easy yet important part which many bloggers tend to ignore. You need to add "alt" tag to your images. To do so, upload the image first. Then click on the image to select it. Now, click on "Properties" option and add "alt title" and "alt text" to your image. It is necessary to add alt tag to your images as it describes the nature of the image.

4. No Illegal and Copied Content 


It is necessary to write and publish genuine content of your own on the blog otherwise there are no chances of Adsense getting approved. I have written all content myself and never copied it from another blog. Also, Google strictly hates Pornographic Content, Cracking Software and Gambling Tools. So, never ever post content related to these topics.

5. All Necessary Pages


It will be better if you upload all required pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, Advertise With Us, Contact Us. These pages are very important as you too can realize it. So, it is very important if you upload and update all these pages.

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