All In One Keylogger- Best Computer Monitoring Software (Sponsored Review)


In this ever-changing world of technology, it is really difficult to monitor the activities of your employee, sibling or spouse. Today, Internet is being used for multiple purposes and some of them are really dangerous. It is a matter of concern for people to know what their loved one are doing on Internet behind them. The ultimate solution to this problem is- Keylogger. But, like any other product available in market, there are too many options available in keylogger too. So, it is really difficult to choose a good Keylogger having all features suiting your demands. Don't worry. Here I am going to help you to choose best keylogger to spy on your target.

What is a Keylogger?

It is pretty much easy to define the term "keylogger". A keylogger is a software which records every keystroke pressed by an user. It also sends all captured report to the hacker remotely. It works in complete stealth mode and no Anti Virus is able to detect it (although, it actually depends on keylogger). Some keylogger have advanced functions too like capturing screenshot, recording voice, sending report over FTP and LAN, capturing all chat conversation etc. Now, I think that you are able to understand the basic concept of keylogger. Still ,the problem persist to choose a good keylogger. In my opinion, if you want a keylogger for domestic purpose then All In One keylogger is your best choice.

Features of All In One Keylogger


Following are the important features of All In One Keylogger-

(i.) Runs at Windows Startup.

(ii.) Runs in Stealth Mode (completely hidden in Windows Startup list, Program Tray Icon, Task Manager).

(iii.) Can automatically copy all the data in a pen drive when inserted (Unique Feature).

(iv.) Can capture characters copied on Clipboard.

(v.) Can capture screenshot as per your convenience.

(vi.) Can record sound from Microphone (Best Unique Feature).

(vii.) Can send report to Email over Secured and Encrypted connection (Quite Good Feature).

(viii.) Can upload reports directly to your FTP server.

(ix.) Can secure keylogger interface with a password.

(x.) Can set Hot Keys (combination of few keys) to open the keylogger.

(xi.) Can Block Programs and URLs to be opened in computer (essential feature of a good monitoring software).

(xii.)Can Auto Uninstall the software on a predefined day of your choice (Unique Feature).

(xiii.) Can disable Anti-logger software automatically (Best Unique Feature available only with this keylogger).

So, these are a few features of All In One Keylogger. Features marked with Tags like Unique, Essential and Good are very important feature of this ultimate keylogger.

Drawback of All In One Keylogger

Although All In One Keylogger is the best Computer Monitoring Software which I have ever tried. Still, I found a few drawbacks of this keylogger-

(i.) You can not install it remotely. So, it is a big problem for you if you do not have access to the computer which you want to monitor.

(ii.) Again, you need Physical Access to the computer to purchase and register the keylogger. It is also a big headache. You have to physically access the system to enter Registration Code.

How to get All In One Keylogger

You can download All In One Keylogger from it's official site Relytec. Free Version is available for 7 days trial. After that you can purchase the software which costs $69.95 (Rs 4732) only.

Final Words about All In One Keylogger

So, here is my last words about All In One Keylogger. If you want to have a keylogger to keep an eye on activities of your wife, girlfriend, employee, children then this software is pretty much awesome. I strongly recommend this keylogger since it contains all awesome features which you need. However, if you want to hack someone then this is not you should rely on. Since, you can not install it remotely hence it is not the tea of your cup.

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