Api.ai Speech Recognition System To Develop Speech Interface For Your Own App


In this technology-efficient era, smartphones are playing a vital role in many areas including Entertainment, Education, Connectivity, Business. Android smartphones are the next big thing in Technology Industry. Today, people from every class and group are using Android smartphone. It surely increases the chances for developer to create android apps that meet the requirement of users. There is a big scope in field of Android App Development. One can develop android app and publish it on Google Play Store. If the app suits to user needs then it will be downloaded by users worldwide. Here, comes the money-making opportunity. A developer or programmer can easily monetize his app with Google AdSense program. It will show advertisement inside app. Even Assistant android app (about which I shall talk later) uses Google AdSense to show ad. But, the matter-of-fact is that today, Speech Recognition is one of the most demanding feature for android app. Particularly, speech recognition interface is used in educational and business app like Amazon Kindle or Assistant. Speech Recognition is one of most important aspect of any Auto-Scheduling app which perform tasks itself on the behalf of users. So, it is evident that Speech Recognition can play important role in Android app. If you are a programmer or developer then you should focus on Speech Recognition feature for sure. But, the question worth of a million dollar is "How to add speech recognition feature in Android App?". Here, enters api.ai in picture.
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What Is Api.ai?

Api.ai is a brilliant tool which allows developers to add speech interface in their app easily. It is pretty much efficient tool. I have used Assistant app on Micromax YU Yureka smartphone which uses api.ai to recognize natural language. I have found it best speech recognition tool. It was able to recognize my dangerous English with creepy pronunciation easily!!! So, you can understand the importance of api.ai tool easily. It works with Mobile App as well as Wearables (like Google Glass), Robots, Automotive and Smart Home. It means that you can use api.ai tool to provide speech interface to your andriod app as well as wearables, robots (seems pretty cool) and smart TV. Main features of api.ai are as follows-

(1.) High Performance

(2.) Conversation Support

(3.) Availability of Knowledge for multiple domains

(4.) Voice Recognition+Natural Language Understanding+Text-to-Speech

(5.) SDK available for iOS, Android, Web and Python

(6.) Learns from Interaction with User (sort of Artificial Intelligence seen in Hollywood Sci-Fi!!!)

Who Can Use api.ai?

Well, if you are a general user then api.ai is of no use for you. Although, if you are a programmer or app developer than it is the tea of your cup which you should must taste.


You can use it to make an app like Jarvis of Iron Man movie series. Or, you can use it to create English teaching app. These sort of app have high demand in India.

How to use api.ai?

It is pretty much easy to use api.ai tool. For every new task like Searching, Calling, Playing music ,there are certain easy-to-use code which you need to insert. You can understand it easily from following example-


For more information regarding api.ai, you can visit official website of api.ai.

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