Easy Hide IP: Your Key To Anonymity On Web

No doubt, Internet is the greatest achievement of mankind in 21st century. Cerebrum aka Brain is what makes all the difference between homo sapiens and other animals on the Planet Blue. Our ability to communicate with each-other is a great advantage which turned human imagination in relatiy. And, Internet has made communication more effective , easy and hassle free. It is a great medium for Journalist, Activist, Social Worker, Hacktivist and Whistle Blowers to spread out their voice and expose the truth. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blog, Instagram are the platform where people can share their ideas. Internet was the root cause behind the Arab Spring movement right back in 2011. Such is the potency of Internet. But, with such great facilities there lies a great risk of Data Theft, Data Breach, Identity Theft and Tracking. Leave the hackers and spammers, let alone government companies are spying on us. So, the Anonymity or better say it Privacy is a big concern today. Easy Hide IP is the hassle-free solution to all issues related to anonymity, privacy as well as unblocking.

Introduction To Easy Hide IP

Easy Hide IP is a product aiming to provide complete anonymity to users. It works on Windows, Android, Mac and iOS operating system. Like the name suggests, it is a easily configurable software which provides you 100% anonymity with a single mouse click. Easy Hide IP is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with very slick user-interface aiming to provide security to a complete novice as well as professionals.

Key features of Easy Hide IP

Easy Hide IP has some of the best features which we expect from such VPN software. Here comes all the features of Easy Hide IP which makes it the best product of niche.

1. 60+ Servers located in 16+ countries

With a total of 60+ server located in 16 countries, you have more than enough choices to select with. These high-speed servers providing a handsome speed of upto 10 mbps are located in various countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United States of America, United Kingdom, Brazil, Luxembourg, Japan, Russia, India and France. So, select any preferred server of your choice to hide your IP and change the location.

2. Multiple Device Support

Easy Hide IP supports multiple device and platform including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and even Wi-fi routers too. So, one can use this VPN on all devices easily to stay anonymous.

3. Unblocking Major TV Shows

There are certain Television Shows which are available online for a particluar geographical area only. But, with Easy Hide IP software, one can easily unblock Netflix, Hulu, NBC, HBO and enjoy programs.

4. Pricing Plans

Easy Hide IP provides you various pricing plans. It depends upon you to select one which suits your budget. Following are the various plans of Easy Hide Ip software-

(a)Price- $4.95
    Validity- 1 month

(b)Price- $29.95
    Validity- 1 year

(c)Price- $49.95
    Validity- 2year

How To Use Easy Hide IP?

It is very easy to use Easy Hide IP. Even then here is a guide to install and configure Easy Hide IP in windows operating system.

Step 1

At the very outset, download the Easy Hide IP software from their official website. Once downloaded, install the software in your computer. Install process is similar to other software installation. So, there is nothing to worry at all.

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Step 2

During the installation process, Easy Hide IP installer will download Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Visual C++. These software are of 60 mb in total. So, if you have a poor internet connection then I suggest you to download these software before the installation of Easy Hide IP. Since, in Easy Hide IP installer there is no pause button to stop download. So, in case of connection problem you will have to start downloading from scratch which is very tedious job. This is the only front where the developer needs to work on. I suggest software developer to provide a pause button and make some arrangement in case of downloading failure so that we don't have to start downloading from the beginning. After downloading above mentioned software(s), install them in your system.

Step 3

Once installed, open the interface of Easy Hide IP VPN. It will show your current IP Address and location. You need to change your IP Address. To do so, select any country and server of your choice and click on Connect button.

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Step 4

Although, all the web browsers are set to work with Easy Hide IP by default. But, you can also add other application of your choice to connect via Easy Hide IP. To do so, click on About & Settings located at upper side. Now, go to Applications (Classic Only) and click on Add button. It will open the list of all .exe file present in your system. Browse through the list, find the application and connect it to Internet through Easy Hide IP. As easy as that!!!

Step 5

After clicking on Connect button, Easy Hide IP will start to establish a secure connection. A few seconds later, it will show you Refreshing current IP/ Location. After that, you will be connected directly to a secured server.

Step 6

Although, you are now connected with Easy Hide IP VPN still there are a few more features which you need to check. Like, It shows the connection speed in lower side. You can try various server and find out which one provides you best speed using this feature.

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Step 7

There is yet another feature called Session Log which records every activity of the session. With it, you can track a record of all activities performed by Easy Hide IP software.

Step 8

Now, open What Is My IP from your web browser. It will be unable to detect your actual location as you can see in my screenshot.
So, with this easy-to-use tool, you are all set to go anonymous.

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