Facebook Lite App For Android To Use Facebook Faster With Slow 2G Data Connection


Facebook Lite App is an unique and praiseworthy approach of Facebook to provide faster access on poor 2G data connection. Facebook Lite App is launched by Facebook on 4th June 2015. It is launched to make facebook easily available for android users who are using quite slow 2G data connection. Currently, Facebook Lite app is available to download for Asian users only but soon in near future, it will be available for African countries too. Facebook has primarily focused on Indian, Pakistani and other Facebook users who are victim of poor Internet connection. Needless to say, I also fall in the same category. Really, Internet speed is quite poor and torturous as well in most parts of India. 3G is one good option but everyone can not afford expensive 3G data packs. This time facebook has targeted such users. After much debated Internet.org campaign, Facebook Lite App for Android is yet another opportunity for facebook to attract users on a mass base. I personally have downloaded and tested Facebook Lite App for Android and found that it was working very smoothly on my Micromax YU Yureka smartphone as well as Micromax A35 bolt with Idea 2G Data pack. Actually, Facebook Lite App for Android is the lighter and faster version of official Facebook Android app. Although, it is very easy to use Facebook Lite app in Android smartphone still here is a complete guide to use Facebook Lite App in Android.

How To Download Facebook Lite App in Android?

It is pretty much easy to download Facebook Lite app in your android smartphone. You can easily download it from Google Play Store or any other android app provider website free of cost. One of the main feature of Facebook Lite App for Android is that it's size is 435 KB which is damn too low. Anyone can easily download the .apk file with ease and install it.

How To Use Facebook Lite App?

After installation, open Facebook Lite App. If you are using it for first time then it will ask you to Log In.


Simply use your Facebook Login credentials to Log In. One of the main feature of it is that the app automatically import all your phone contacts and sync it with your facebook account. In this way, you can easily connect with those too who are in your contact but not on facebook.


The Facebook Lite App works same as official Facebook App.


You can Watch News Feed, Check Notifications, Read Messages, See Friend Requests, Access Groups and Manage Pages.


It also sends notifications on your android smartphone. In short, you can perform all sort of activities with it but with a lightening speed. Like I earlier said, I myself have tested Facebook Lite App on Android smartphone with Super Slow Internet connection and it worked as miracle for me. This pretty awesome Facebook Lite App will be a treasure for Rural India Facebookers who always face slow connectivity problem. For you too, I highly recommend Facebook Lite App to access facebook faster on 2G network. It will be better if you recommend this app to all your friends. Sadly, Facebook Lite App is currently available on Android platform only. I hope that in future Facebook will find a solution to provide faster connectivity on Basic Internet Phone.

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