Hide My IP: Your Ultimate All In One Solution for Privacy, Unblocking & Security


Today Internet is growing faster than ever with the advent of many Social Networking, Online Shopping, Free recharge site and apps on almost every topic. Internet is now becoming a crucial part of our life and it is spreading out like a infectious virus in rural areas too!!! Terms like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Freecharge, Mcent are frequently being used in day-to-day life. People are getting habituated to Internet Addiction. And there are certain valid reason behind it. Internet is the platform providing knowledge, connectivity, entertainment and employment at such a low cost which is next to nothing. But, a few critical problem persists with Internet too. With the growth of Internet as a platform to share ideas, the attempt to ban or censor free voices is also increasing. You probably have heard about The Great Firewall of China. This is a governmental attempt to surveillance and provide limited access to Internet in china. I am damn sure that you have heard about Edward Snowden- the guy who revealed that NSA is spying on us. Whenever we hear such kind of news, we simply feel insecure. Just imagine that you are bathing naked in public on a crowded street. It really feels suffocating to be watched by someone else, that too by powerful NSA!!! So, here comes the importance of Identity Changer software.
Basically, on Internet your identity is determined by your IP Address. One as powerful as NSA or similar government agency can easily track you with your IP Address. So, to stay anonymous it is required to change your actual IP Address and masquerade your identity. This is what Hide My IP actually does.

What is Hide My IP?

To be frequent, Hide My IP is like a guide of yours in this dark world of Internet which is full of deception and is constantly under surveillance. As the name itself suggests, it is a software which hides your IP Address. Hiding your IP Address simply means that it protects your identity online and makes you anonymous. However, Hide My IP also works as a unblocking tool which can help you to watch many of your favorite TV Serials. Anyways, we shall discuss about it later.

How Hide My IP works?

Hide My IP address assigns a new IP Address to your computer in order to masquerade you. It acts as a proxy between your computer and websites which you browse on web. It means that the website will be unable to fetch your actual IP Address if you use Hide My IP. It provides you a whole new location to disguise one who want to tracks you. So, it is the near-to-perfect solution for all your worries.

Why Hide My IP is best?

Needless to say there are tons of software available right there which claims to provide you anonymity, privacy and unblocking feature in a single package. So, why Hide My IP stands out from all those software and is rated as best product in the category. Let's find out!!!

1. Easy-to-download. File size is 2.90 MB only and no need to install extra files. So, security at it's lowest size- 03 MB!!!

2. User Friendly. A novice can use it with pretty much ease. Press a single button and that is all it takes to make you oblivious online!!!

3. Configurable with browsers with easy-to-use interface. Many other such privacy software are needed to be set up manually in order to work properly. This is where Hide My IP shows it's potential as best Privacy tool.

4. High Level of Encryption with SSL. No worries of data theft at all!!!

5. Availability of a wide range of location to choose with. List includes countries like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain.

6. Premium High-Speed services which make it easy to browse internet faster even using proxy server. Many a time, using proxy makes internet connection damn slow. But, with Hide My IP software, no such problem persists.

7. Available for multiple platform including Windows, Mac and Android.

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How to configure and use Hide My IP

Like I mentioned earlier, it is a no-nonsense job to set up and use Hide My IP software. Firstly purchase it from Hide My IP official website. It costs $29.95 and Visa, Mater Card, PayPal, Bitcoin are the payment method.
Now, install the software in your computer. Installation process is quite easy and you can do it without any guide. Once installed, follow the given steps.

Step 1


You will get a interface like this with a warning message to hide your actual IP Address. Before, clicking on Hide My IP button we need to make some changes in order to work efficiently.

Step 2


Click on Advanced Settings tab and enable "Encrypt My Connection with SSL. It will provide you more secure connection.

Step 3


Click on "Select Desired Location" option to select any place of your choice.

Step 4


It will search for an available IP and finally set it as your own IP address.
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How To use Hide My IP program to Unblock?

There are certain TV program or website which are accessible solely on the basis of geographical location. It means that people belonging to other part of world can't access that content. Here, you can use Hide My IP to unblock access to such program. You can set your location as per the geographical location required to access the program. For instance, popular video streaming site YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. So, you can change your location to India using this software and access YouTube easily. As simple as that.

Final words about Hide My IP Software

No doubt, Hide My IP is the best software available in market. Although, it costs nearly $3o. But, considering all the function of this software, I must say it is really worth of $30. Use this software to hide your identity online with a few clicks. I would strongly recommend it to every single Internet user out there.

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