5 Weird Questions Faced By Every Indian Hacker


Being a hacker is not a easy task at all. It takes a lot of time, dedication, knowledge and practice to be a good hacker. Many of us spend sleepless night(s) searching on web, testing for vulnerabilities, finding bug in various sites, writing our own exploit and defacing the site. It all seems very cool from outside perspective. But in India the story is altogether different. If you are a hacker belonging to India and people (including friends, relative, facebook friend) know that you are a hacker then you have certainly faced these situations. Although, if you are not from India then this post will help you realize how much we hackers suffer in India!!! And, believe me being a hacker in India is not that easy at all. So, here comes 5 Awkward situation faced by Indian hacker.

1. Bro, You are a hacker. Cool!!! So, can you hack a bank account and provide me some money?

Yes, I am a hacker. And, I know phishing, social engineering, carding, DNS Hijacking etc. I know how to hack a payment gateway. So, I can hack a bank account. But, look I am not Salman Khan (Famous Indian Actor). I don't run charity show. So, I am not going to waste my time, skill and resources to donate a handsome amount to you for the sake of charity. Don't expect me to act like Bill Gates.

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PS- Saale, Baap ka naukar hu kya jo tumhare liye bank account hack karu??? Dharamshala khol rakha hai kya humne??? Chale aate hai!!!

2. Hey Buddy, you are really cool. Why don't you hack and intrude into Chinese Space Shuttle program?? Maybe, we can get control of a few satellite too.

Well, being a good hacker doesn't mean that I can turn impossible into possible. Hacking is an art having its own scope as well as limitations too. And, it is beyond my scope to intrude into Chinese Spaceship program. Those small-height, big nose guys have damn tight security standards and with the presence of The Great Firewall of China, it is really very difficult. And for God's sake, if I get caught while doing this then certainly I shall be the reason behind next Indo-China war.

PS- Beta, China ka security system toh Voltas ka lock hai ki master key se jub mun ho toh access kar lenge. Aur wo Xi Jinping toh humara uncle hai ha jo hume chai pila ke shabasi dega.

3. Sir, my Girlfriend had cheated me. Now, I want to take revenge of it. So, plz can you hack her facebook account?

There are certain methods to hack a facebook account. Tabnapping, Phishing, Cookie Stealing are a few of them. But, if I want to hack the facebook account of unknown person (that too of a girl) then I must have to use Social Engineering. And, if your girlfriend cheated you then how she could trust me- a unknown person to her? So, chances to perform a successful Social Engineering attack is quite low and without that Phishing or Tabnapping is of no use. She is never gonna try my phishing link.

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PS- Betic**d, agar teri girlfriend ne tughe dhokha diya toh ye toh humare liye mauka hai. Mai kyu uska account hack karu??? (Boys will be boys!!!)

4. Hey, Can you hack that DJ and change song for me?

This is a new kinda shit getting popular after the release of "Happy New Year" movie. I am not gonna pardon Farah Khan, Story writer & Vivan Shah for this. Few months ago when I was in Chandigarh, a guy from Madhya Pradesh asked me the same shit. And my instant reaction was -"hahahahahahahaha. lol. go get some life dude".

PS- Vivaan Shah ne toh movie mai ek tablet ke sath DJ ko hack kar liya tha, wo bhi bina kisi Connectivity ke. Ab bhai, itna talented toh Steve Jobs aur Bill Gates bhi nahi tha.

5.  Please Teach me hacking. I want to be a hacker like you. Is it possible?

Hacking is not that much easy as it is seen in hollywood or bollywood movies. To hack something (let it be a website or network or computer or any high sophisticated gadget), first you need to be a master of that thing. So, becoming a hacker means you are a good learner and have immense knowledge in programming, web designing, networking, hardware, reverse engineering etc. So, first go get some knowledge about these basic things. Then think to be a hacker.

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PS- Aao na beta, 15 ghnate ka ek crash course hai. Tughe puri hacking sikha dunga. Phir NASA ka bhi satellite hack kar lena. Hacking karna toh ABCD sikhne jaisa hai na.

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  1. being an admin of a hacking group is the hard part

  2. this is problem with indians.............if u want to learn,learn for security reason.