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Amazing Hacking Tricks is a Digital Platform to provide Information on Hacking. In this ever-changing world of Information and Technology,Security is a matter of concern. We try our level best to make our user aware of every hacking method since to know about something is the best way to protect yourself from that thing. Our motive is to create a more safer Digital World and we are thus, contributing to it through Amazing Hacking Tricks website.

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I am Sanjeet Kashyap- a 17 years old Tech Geek. I belong to Bihar (India). I am very much interested in Tech-related affairs. I have developed a keen interest in Hi-tech Devices, P.C, Android as well as Basic Phones, Tablets, Internet, Web Security, Web Designing and most important- Hacking. And, it all started in 2011, when I was 13 years old. I got my first Laptop and an Internet connection. In starting days, I just spent time in playing some non-sense game. But, suddenly, one day, I opened Google and typed 7 alphabets to search it. And these 7 alphabets made me whatever I am today. Those alphabets were- H A C K I N G. I got some very interesting information and then I decided to enter the dark world of hacking. In this field, my first inspiration was Srikanth Ramesh (founder of Go Hacking). I learned a lot from his website. Then I started tweaking with my laptop. I started to use Google to search new Keylogger tools. I spent many nights (and days too!!!) downloading the tool and tasting them. Even one time I tested a Trojan RAT (created by me) on my PC which resulted in Software Crash!!! After that, I changed my field and instead of using those tools, now I used to read articles related to various hacking issues. And I surely earned a lot of knowledge from them.

About Me-

Well, there is nothing much to write in this section. I have already mentioned my name. I am 17 years old and resides in Dalsinghsarai, Bihar(India). I am currently studying in 12th standard in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Birauli, Samastipur. I am interested in subjects like History, Political Science, Economics. Apart of all these, I am also interested in Political Affairs, Current Affairs, General Knowledge. I am also a fan of Hollywood Movies specially Sci-Fi movie. Some of them are X-Man, Transformer, G.I.Joe, Fast and Furious (list can be very long, let me stop it here!!!). I am also crazy for Books, Magazines, Novels and Newspapers. I specially like Fantasy Novel. My favorite authors are Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, James Patterson, Cristopher C. Doyle, George R R Martin, Devdutt Pattanaik, Anand Neelkanthan. I think it is enough about me.

My Hacking Journey-

At the very outset, let me clear one thing that I am a White Hat Hacker. Yet I can claim that I have hacked several targets. Till now, I have hacked 14 Facebook user accounts (including my brother too) using various method like Phishing, Mobile Phishing, Answering the Security Question, Getting access to Target's Email Account and/or Cell Phone and Social Engineering. But, I informed all users about it and suggested them to change their passwords. I have also hacked several Windows User Accounts using Keylogger and Safe Mode trick. I also got unauthorized access to a few Gmail account using Keylogger.Currently, I am focusing on Website Hacking and I have hacked 2-3 websites using SQL Injection. The number does not seem pretty but it is just beginning.

I am also working on my first Hacking Book. Actually I got a book of Ankit Fadia (India's Famous Ethical Hacker). After completing the book, I concluded that I know almost 40%-60% trick given in the book. Then I started to write my own book. Currently I am working on it and if I get support from you all then surely I shall publish it. So thats all about my Hacking Journey.

Contact Me-

Address- Sanjeet Kashyap, S./O.- Late Vijay Kumar Jha, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Village+P.O.- Birauli, Distt.- Samastipur, State- Bihar, Country- India, PIN- 848113

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/Sanjeetkashyap86

Twitter- @sanjeet38

Email-id- kashyap.sanjeet402@gmail.com


  1. Fantastic Work, Keep it up.

  2. Thanks but it would be better if you use your name or email id to contact.

  3. Ohh dats gr8
    It motivats me dat u startd at 13 but
    On th othr hand it olso feels me sad dat i startd late
    Well it dsnt mattr ;-)

    Now im olso on the same pltfrm

    By th way
    Keep this higher :-)

  4. wel wel wel. . great trick nd good explanation. . .but it will annoy you if u wil give it permisions to post on fb on our behalf.. . it will post on facebook from ur id without knowing you. . . . and also they will have ur fb-password. . so if u dont want someone to know ur privacy. . then dont use this third party software . . just schedule ur post